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吉林快3破解,吉林快3破解必中公式 . The resources there help you add depth and breadth to what you learn in the classroom.

In fact, students who use university libraries earn higher grades and become active lifelong learners.

10 million library assets

Think of the extensive assets that you can use: 10 million items, including books, journals, databases, music, maps, and photos, among other resources in print and digital formats. Plus, you’ll have access to the whole UC library system – second only to the Library of Congress. You’ll have extensive? just by being a UC Davis student.

Help when you need it

The library has?an to help you find and use the right information for your research projects.

Students review a children's book together in library special collections
Students explore some of the treasures in the library’s Special Collections, guided by library staff. (UC Davis Library)

The place to be

吉林快3破解,吉林快3破解必中公式The main library building,?, has earned the vote of confidence from our students as the?. It’s easy to get to since it’s in the core of the campus.

24-Hour Study Room

Check out the to find study space (including two group study rooms) for the many times that you will need to focus on papers, midterms?or finals.

students fill the desks and tables in a brightly lit study room
The 24 Hour Study Room at Shields Library is just one way the UC Davis Library meets your many study needs. See you there! (UC Davis Library)

Our library also works with the bookstore and professors to deliver class information and educational materials directly to your desktop.

Library services on social media

吉林快3破解,吉林快3破解必中公式The library comes right to you through your favorite social media channels. See highlights from the library's collections and events?on . Keep up to date on the library’s news and events on and . You can even watch how-to videos and more on .